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San Antonio is home to some of the oldest buildings in the United States, and keeping these historic monuments up and running in tip-top condition requires respect for the craftsmanship of our forefathers. SCS in San Antonio offers experienced artisans with knowledge of historical standards who take special care to keep these beautiful buildings standing proudly by repairing damage caused by time and weather. Whether due to wear and tear or any other cause, one can rest assured that these San Antonians have years of experience executing restoration work using techniques proven over centuries to preserve timeless architecture.

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Facade & Building Envelope Repair

SCS works throughout the San Antonio area to repair building envelopes and façade systems. Their focus is on providing expert solutions tailored to each facility’s specific circumstances while ensuring optimal life expectancy of their product. SCS’s method of choice begins with a complete evaluation and site analysis, which often involves taking core samples to assess the condition of the exterior. This vital process ensures that SCS will deliver cost-effective, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing results. SCS understands how critical it is for clients to have confidence that an envelope or façade system meets their needs for protection from the elements and energy efficiency and performance. They work with clients from assessment through installation to ensure client goals are met by utilizing their extensive experience and knowledge base in materials engineering and design.

Government Building Restoration

SCS, a government building restoration company based out of San Antonio, is in a unique position to marry history and modern sensibilities. SCS works tirelessly to restore old government buildings to their original grandeur; structurally safe and aesthetically captivating, SCS ensures that these buildings will remain standing for generations to come. By combining expert craftsmanship with a keen eye for detail, SCS is devoted to preserving the timeless beauty of historic government buildings. Structures once overlooked and neglected by time are now revived thanks to SCS’s dedication to thoroughness and quality.

Historic Building Restoration

SCS is a historical building restoration company based in San Antonio and is dedicated to protecting and preserving the rich historical culture found in each building they take on. SCS works hard to remain faithful to each structure’s original designs and craftsmanship. Their goal is to ensure that all of the city’s beautiful buildings are brought back to life in ways that honor their unique cultural significance. SCS takes great pride in returning these incredible structures, often hundreds of years old, to the communities they serve and valued members of the city’s landscape.

High Rise Restoration

SCS, an innovative restoration service provider in San Antonio, has made a name for itself through its services for high-rise buildings. SCS’ cutting-edge approaches, such as lasers and robotic technologies, have enabled them to provide their customers with a full range of non-destructive and low-cost repair options for older buildings. SCS is committed to finding ways to innovate how high-rise restorations are done, taking into account both aesthetic considerations and environmental sustainability. With SCS’ help, San Antonio can ensure that its older high-rises remain attractive and viable for years to come.

Structural Concrete Repair In San Antonio

Structural Concrete Repair (SCR) is a critical component of the infrastructure needs in San Antonio. SCR enables us to strengthen, improve, and reinforce aging or worn elements of our structures, ensuring that we can continue to utilize them properly and safely throughout San Antonio and its surrounding areas. SCR is an intricate process that depends upon comprehensive inspection, design, repair methods and materials, and professional installation by SCS-certified contractors to succeed. SCS is crucial for ensuring continuous operations, reducing risk, reducing future costs of traditional repairs and maintenance, extensive operational buildup times associated with precarious events, and increasing the value of the buildings and other infrastructures for their lifetime. SCR helps us leverage existing construction wisdom and ensures optimized management procedures by safeguarding against eventualities such as weather adversities.

Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Foundation repair and stabilization is a vital service to ensure the safety of a home or structure, and SCS in San Antonio provides outstanding services to take care of this essential task. SCS has a team of experts who specialize in identifying structural issues and providing effective solutions that are tailored to individual needs. Their services range from shoring up foundation walls to drainage systems, piers installation, and more. With SCS by your side, you can be sure that your home can withstand any geological change it may experience over time. Trust SCS in San Antonio for all your foundation repair and stabilization needs!

Concrete Balcony Crack Repair

SCS in San Antonio is the clear choice for concrete balcony crack repair. SCS has a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in the field, ensuring all repairs are completed to the highest professional standards. SCS takes caulking and sealing seriously; they use only premium products designed for balcony use and have methods that outlast conventional ones many times over. Concrete balcony crack repair with SCS in San Antonio will provide a strong, long-lasting solution you can trust, giving you peace of mind that your cracks won’t return anytime soon!

Post-tensioning Repair

Post-tensioning repair is an essential process for infrastructure maintenance, and SCS, based in San Antonio, are experts in the field. SCS has a team of post-tensioning specialists skilled at assessing the current condition of post-tensioned structures and determining the best course of action to preserve structural integrity. With their vast experience, SCS can provide timely repair services and advice on preventive strategies to ensure your structure remains strong and secure. SCS’ craftsmanship and customer service has ensured they have become one of the most reliable post-tensioning repair services in San Antonio.

Structural Strengthening In San Antonio

SCS in San Antonio provides reliable structural strengthening solutions for various applications. SCS’s team of experienced engineers, designers, project managers, and technicians work together to provide the ultimate solution for increasing the serviceability and longevity of existing structures. SCS’s services include designing, managing, and implementing projects for concrete and steel structures using unique advanced techniques such as carbon fiber wrap, post-tensioning frames, and moment frame systems. SCS leverages its expertise to analyze data and design effective systems to strengthen existing structures against environmental loads like earthquakes or wind loads while maintaining its aesthetic look. SCS offers clients peace of mind knowing their structures have been safely strengthened and are designed to last generations.

Force Protection

Concrete is a vital yet vulnerable material exposed to harsh environmental conditions daily. SCS, based in San Antonio, has been solving this problem of protecting concrete structures against environmental and mechanical damage for over twenty years. SCS provides customers with the materials they need to reinforce their concrete structures, such as high-performance coatings, cementitious repair materials, and polymer membranes. SCS also offers a range of custom surface design options to give any concrete structure a unique look and increased resistance to wear and tear or weathering. With SCS’s wide selection of products and services, you can be sure your structure will be protected and look great too!


SCS in San Antonio provides fireproofing services to businesses and residences alike. SCS helps protect households and commercial properties from the potential consequences of a fire by applying flame-retardant materials, such as foam or spray-on insulation. SCS works with construction companies to provide complete fire protection from drywall and structural components, like beams and steel columns. In addition to SCS installation services, they offer safety testing for clients looking for better-fireproofing options on their existing structures. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, SCS provides the highest quality products which meet industry standards for fireproofing and are kept up to date with any changes affecting new regulations. SCS takes an individualized approach and prioritizes communication with clients, ensuring everyone remains safe and secure against unavoidable destruction by flames.

Post-tensioning Reinforcement

Post-tensioning reinforcement has revolutionized how SCS professionals in San Antonio and beyond approach bridge construction. By replacing traditional cable stays with post-tension reinforcement, bridge builders can reduce construction costs and create bridges that are more resistant to wind, waves, and other natural forces. As post-tensioning provides highly efficient solutions for standard SCS requirements like deflection limits, modern SCS practices in San Antonio have relied heavily on this type of reinforcement to achieve a higher level of structural integrity in their finished bridges.

Corrosion Control & Protection

SCS Corrosion Control & Protection in San Antonio has become a leader in corrosion prevention solutions. They offer custom coatings, concrete repairs, and inspections that can help businesses prolong the life of their steel structures and maintain their structural integrity. SCS has experienced professionals on staff that specialize in various methods designed to stop the degradation of your assets. Their systems are designed to protect your business investment while reducing long-term maintenance costs. SCS Corrosion Control & Protection is dedicated to providing quality service and innovative solutions to help manage corrosion and ultimately increase asset lifespan.

Waterproofing & Water Intrusion

If you are a home or business owner in San Antonio, waterproofing and water intrusion are some of the most important things to consider. SCS has you covered with an array of different waterproofing and water intrusion solutions. Whether it’s something as simple as rain gutters and downspouts all the way up to complicated drainage alternatives for below-grade applications, SCS can provide what you need. Their qualified professionals also specialize in rubber roof reconditioning, parking deck coatings, foundation repair solutions, metal roof coatings, and other services that can help protect your structure from the elements. All SCS waterproofing treatments are tailored to meet the unique needs of any given structure in the San Antonio area.

Investigations, Testing & Maintenance

SCS, based in San Antonio, helps construction companies save time and money with their concrete structure investigations, testing, and maintenance services. SCS provides high-quality service at an affordable price and ensures that all concrete structures are stabilized appropriately. Through SCS’s thorough investigations, they uncover any previously unknown issues before they become a problem. SCS also brings the highest quality tests to assure that existing structures are safe and perform to design requirements while adhering to industry standards. Finally, SCS creates a personalized maintenance plan for each facility or system designed to maximize the lifespan of the building. With SCS providing services for your concrete structures, you can be sure that you’re getting quality work at a reasonable price for years to come.

Marine Concrete Repairs In San Antonio

SCS is an engineering firm that specializes in marine concrete repairs in San Antonio. In San Antonio, SCS custom designs and fabricates each repair process for the various subsea structures in San Antonio. SCS uses the latest technology and materials to ensure the safe, efficient, and successful completion of repair projects from the deepest parts of the ocean. SCS’s excellent engineering and detail-oriented processes allow businesses to take full advantage of Subsea Structures in San Antonio with minimal risk. SCS has delivered impressive performance results on countless repair projects ranging from corrosion protection treatments to epoxy injections and hydrostatic testing. With SCS as your partner in marine concrete repair, customers can trust that their structure will be restored to its original state with quality results.

Pile Repairs

SCS of San Antonio specializes in pile repairs for concrete structures, offering a comprehensive range of services from foundation piling and remediation to concrete repair. SCS utilizes only the most advanced materials and techniques available today to provide reliable solutions for all concrete problems. SCS’s experienced technicians offer innovative, safe, and cost-effective solutions tailored to each customer’s individual needs. SCS takes great pride in delivering superior results on every job site within budget and on schedule. With outstanding customer service and dedicated professionals, SCS is the go-to source for pile repairs for concrete structures.

Concrete Seawall Repairs

SCS in San Antonio is known for its reliable and skilled concrete seawall repairs. When SCS handles the repair job, clients can have peace of mind knowing their seawalls will be fixed properly, with materials that are designed to last and keep the integrity of their property intact. SCS takes pride in its work; as such, they thoroughly inspect any existing damage on a given structure before making any key repairs. With SCS, clients know they’re receiving solutions tailored to their individual needs and will stay dockside for years to come.

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