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Breakers Plaza Condominiums, South Padre Island, Texas

Project Description

The Breakers Plaza Condominiums buildings are located on the barrier island, South Padre Island, in Texas. This beautiful tropical beach setting also has high chlorides, as well as winds and heat that make this a very corrosive environment. The Breakers Plaza Condominium complex had several structures in need of repair: a three-story low-rise condominium building, a one-story parking garage with sports courts on the roof, an 18-story condominium high-rise, two pools, spa and decks, a massive glass pool enclosure, and all the pathways, lighting, and landscaping thereto.

Comprehensive Restoration

Overhead repairs were made to balconies on every floor, tile was demolished, and waterproofing applied with new coatings, tile, and rails. Structural and cosmetic repairs were made to the parking garage, and the roof was re-coated and refurbished into sports courts and all the appurtenances. Two pools were rehabilitated, as well as a expansive glass pool enclosure, and a new spa was furnished. There were also canopy repairs, stairwell repairs, lighting replaced, landscaping, etc.

Unforeseen Conditions

Early on in the project, unforeseen damage was revealed, requiring a reformulation of the project schedule. In addition, throughout the duration of the project, there were two hurricanes, a tropical storm, and a deep-freeze on the Island. Despite all these obstacles, SCS managed to finish the project in 14 months. This project received an honorable mention in the International Concrete Repair Institute’s Awards.

“We feel we can count on Structural Concrete Systems to be a team player, to produce a first class project, to provide coherent paperwork with detailed documentation, and to be extremely fair in pricing change orders for Owner-requested changes. We would recommend Structural Concrete Systems to anyone wanting a team of knowledgeable, courteous, and conscientious reconstruction professionals.”

– Rick Labunski, AIA
Labunski Associates