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Texas A&M University Rec Center, College Station, Texas

Project Description

The Student Recreation Center at Texas A&M is a central location for students to gather, exercise, and socialize.  The pool area is the center of activity and focal point of the architecture.  The deck area was deteriorating and needed restoration. The existing materials were also too hot to walk on with bare feet in the Texas sun. The pool deck would have to be repaired and replaced with suitable materials that did not get as hot. The project had to be completed during the summer break before the fall semester started.

The Solution

Removal and resurface of 21,000sf of pool decking, repairs to the pool interior, replace tiles, and remove and replace logo centerpiece. The existing deck had to be removed along with contaminants. The subsurface was repaired and prepped for a new Miracote MPC surface material.  A new decorative design completed the surface of the deck.  The new chosen materials provided a new pool deck that is 38 degrees cooler than the surrounding concrete, and the entire project was completed in fewer than the 28 days contracted.

“This was a very demanding project with a challenging schedule. We have been pleased with the quality of their work.”

–Rick Hall
Senior Associate Director
Texas A&M Department of Recreational Sports