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Driskill Hotel Structural Repairs, Austin, Texas 1

The Driskill Hotel – Exterior Repairs, Slab Repairs, and Cathodic Protection

Project Description

The Driskill Hotel is a historic structure which dates back to 1886. It is the oldest operating and best-known hotel in Austin, Texas. While undergoing a major interior renovation project, it was discovered that structural repairs were needed to maintain the integrity of the building.

Historic Structure Repairs

The project was governed by the Texas Historical Commission and had to be performed within on-going operations in a high-traffic public facility.  The repairs had to be performed in a manner that conformed to the original structure and blended with the existing architecture.  SCS restored the top floor, center exterior beam both structurally and cosmetically.  The foundation was also repaired, and cathodic protection was provided.

Beam Repair, Foundation Repair, Cathodic Protection

SCS was asked to perform a very technical limestone beam repair. This beam was a horizontal piece of limestone outside of the top floor of the hotel.  It is approximately 12 ft long x 2 ft thick x 4 ft deep.  It cracked all the way through on both sides at the columns supporting it. The center section of about 8 foot in length was only supported because it was in a precarious bind keeping it from falling straight down.  SCS executed the engineer’s repairs to the beam and the foundation to restore the structural integrity of the building and provided cathodic protection to extend the life of the repairs.

Driskill Hotel Structural Repairs, Austin, Texas 2

“I have worked with them for many years on many projects and have always been impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.”

–Mark Rawlings
Managing Partner, HHCC Inc.

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Driskill Hotel Structural Repairs, Austin, Texas 4