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Building Restoration Services & Repair In Puerto Rico

SCS, a building restoration services and repair business with offices in Puerto Rico, provide homeowners and businesses with the best resources for addressing their properties’ maintenance, restoration, and repair needs. SCS is an experienced team of specialists dedicated to superior craftsmanship, impeccable customer service, and complete satisfaction. SCS remains committed to providing clients with extensive consultation, quality craftsmanship, and reliable results completed on time and within budget. SCS hopes to exceed client expectations all along Puerto Rico.

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Facade & Building Envelope Repair

SCS, based out of Miami, is a leader in repairing and maintaining building envelopes. SCS employs a team of specialized engineers and mechanics with experience managing complicated problems with building facades. SCS focuses on preventing water infiltration, reinforcement corrosion, and abrading while also considering the building envelope’s design elements. SCS strives to provide clients with quality service, durability, and aesthetic longevity. The team at SCS diligently works to research cutting-edge technologies to meet each project’s needs. SCS offers comprehensive services like facade repair, moisture analysis, retrofit installation, weatherproofing, masonry restoration, and more as part of their goal to make a safe and reliable building shell for businesses around Miami.

Government Building Restoration

Concrete structures are a vital component of many government buildings, making them inherently vulnerable to natural disasters. SCS Engineers is leading the process of restoring these critical concrete structures in Puerto Rico, focusing on the most important safety elements to ensure fortification. SCS engineers created an evaluation and action plan focused on the development and design of SCS Technologies that would fix damaged railings or stairwells, replaced eroded mortar joints, and repair deteriorated concrete components – all with improved protection against corrosion from saltwater exposure. SCS also developed unique solutions tailored for existing sites that helped reduce cost implications for the rebuilding ventures, bringing much-needed relief for the citizens of Puerto Rico who have suffered through a series of natural disasters in recent years.

Historic Building Restoration

Historic building restoration ranges from modest paint jobs to full reconstructive undertakings. SCS, a company based in Puerto Rico, has completed several successful historic restoration projects throughout the country that have brought undervalued and neglected pieces of history back to life. With their highly trained and knowledgeable crew, SCS can tackle any project with detailed accuracy and expertise. SCS not only performs professional work on historic buildings in Puerto Rico but also offers its services worldwide. As such, SCS is committed to preserving culture across countries and ensuring that these cherished memories remain intact for future generations to enjoy.

High Rise Restoration

SCS, a company based in Puerto Rico, specializes in high-rise restoration for concrete structures. SCS is the leading expert in this field and has completed many projects across the country. Their team takes extra care to restore each structure to its original form while preserving its historical value. SCS utilizes various methods such as surface preparation, concrete patching, waterproofing systems, and coating applications to ensure that the restoration is done correctly and that every building looks like new again. SCS also provides specialized training for workers to execute simple and complex repair projects properly. Through SCS’ dedication to quality service and excellence in craftsmanship, they have become renowned throughout Puerto Rico for their expertise in high-rise restoration for concrete structures.

Structural Concrete Repair In Puerto Rico

SCS Puerto Rico has been providing structural concrete repair solutions to its partners in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico for many years now. Our experienced teams conduct comprehensive assessments of existing structures and then implement end-to-end repairs that include surface preparation, structural reinforcement, concrete restoration, and much more. SCS uses state-of-the-art technology, such as 3D scanning, for enhanced precision. We provide a complete solution that ensures strong foundations for all types of structures, including buildings made from reinforced or precast concrete in the demanded locations, temperatures, and other environmental conditions found in Puerto Rico. SCS is committed to excellence in providing reliability and quality when it comes to structural concrete repairs.

Foundation Repair & Stabilization

SCS Foundation Repair & Stabilization provides quality foundation repairs, underpinning services, and commercial construction solutions to customers in Puerto Rico. We are experts in all concrete repair areas, including slab jacking, lifting and leveling foundations, and grouting and mud jacking. With years of field experience coupled with the latest soil stabilization and engineering techniques, SCS is the premier provider of foundation solutions on the island. From structural support to custom waterproofing systems and everything in between, SCS offers unparalleled results for any size project. Our team is knowledgeable in code compliance requirements and safety regulations; satisfaction is assured no matter how big or small the job!

Concrete Balcony Crack Repair

SCS has proven to be one of the most reliable and excellent choices for crack repair for homeowners or simply those in charge of concrete balcony maintenance. SCS’s services have been used throughout the US and even Puerto Rico to help reinforce and strengthen balconies with long-lasting results. SCS takes pride in having knowledgeable, experienced staff that provide extensive care and effective repairs without sacrificing time – all thanks to their modern, efficient machinery. Whether you’re a homeowner in Texas or looking after a condo community in Puerto Rico, SCS is sure to provide you with quality service while saving you money due to their versatile price options and materials. Get your balcony repair done right – choose SCS!

Post-tensioning Repair

Post-tensioning Repair is a critical strain of construction engineering, providing a safe and secure structure for buildings around the world. SCS, a leader in protection solutions based in Puerto Rico, has been instrumental in reestablishing post-tensioning repair techniques after natural disasters. SCS is actively involved with global government initiatives providing research and tech support for infrastructure and other construction areas. SCS’s work has revolutionized the post-tensioning repair industry with their novel ideas, from stronger epoxy documents to comprehensive maintenance protocols that help ensure the safety of the structures involved. SCS stands out as a beacon of innovation throughout Puerto Rico, leading various projects to fruition. Their mission to improve post-tensioning repairs worldwide and their commitment to aiding communities affected by natural disasters make them invaluable to recovery efforts.

Structural Strengthening In Puerto Rico

SCS has worked hard to help make sure communities around the world have safer, more secure structures against extreme weather events. SCS’s most recent projects involve structural strengthening in Puerto Rico GEO (Geographic Engineering Operations). SCS engineers were tasked with strengthening critical infrastructures such as bridges and roads, delivering an invaluable resource to restore public safety within the region. SCS provided innovative solutions using specialized “bonding materials” to improve the shear strength of concrete and steel members and add support columns for earthquake/seismic reinforcement. SCS is proud to have helped the people of Puerto Rico create greater confidence in their building standards and find long-lasting solutions during this difficult time.

Force Protection

Force protection for concrete structures is a key safety measure in disaster zones and construction sites. SCS specializes in robust force protection solutions designed to protect concrete structures against weathering and natural disasters. SCS utilizes advanced engineering practices tailored to Puerto Rico’s environment to ensure the longevity of the structures they protect. With SCS’s experienced team available 24/7, property owners in Puerto Rico can rest assured that SCS will keep their properties safe from the elements.


SCS is one of the leading companies that offer fireproofing services for concrete structures around the globe. SCS is cutting-edge regarding their protection technology, introducing a proprietary injectable elastomeric foam as an optimal solution for dense concrete fireproofing. SCS has also recently begun offering its services in Puerto Rico and is committed to helping organizations protect any concrete structure with reliable and effective solutions. SCS’s fireproofing materials have earned fame for being safe and non-toxic to people, property, and the environment, making them a clear choice for organizations looking for superior protection.

Post-tensioning Reinforcement

SCS has been using post-tension reinforcement for concrete structures in Puerto Rico for years. SCS specializes in ensuring that their projects last and can withstand the most extreme conditions, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. SCS provides that the post-tension reinforcement is effective and of high quality and goes through rigorous testing before installation. The engineers at SCS are highly trained professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that their structures can withstand any dangers mother nature might impose on them. SCS’s commitment to safety makes it a leader in post-tension reinforcement for concrete structures in Puerto Rico.

Corrosion Control & Protection

SCS’s Corrosion Control & Protection Services provide critical services to Puerto Rico as the country continues rebuilding after Hurricane Maria. SCS has worked closely with contractors and engineers to repair corroded tanks, pipes, conduits, and other underground assets damaged by floodwaters. SCS’ specialized technology allows them to assess and diagram complex corrosion issues that are problematic for many traditional methods. SCS’ field-tested techniques not only provide a cost-effective solution but can also help prevent future damage to assets.

Waterproofing & Water Intrusion

SCS is a leading provider of waterproofing and water intrusion solutions for concrete structures. SCS understands the unique challenges presented by environments such as Puerto Rico, whose structures are regularly exposed to high levels of rainfall, wind, and humidity. SCS has developed products that can meet the needs of these highly extreme conditions to protect any structure from damage due to prolonged wetness. SCS’s experts are also available for consultation on how to properly apply waterproofing measures tailored to the environment, ensuring maximum durability and protection from any external water sources.

Investigations, Testing & Maintenance

SCS provides investigations, testing, and maintenance services to help keep businesses in Puerto Rico safe and compliant. Our team of specialists delivers fast, expert service wherever you need it. From formal investigation processes to preventive inspections and repairs, SCS can ensure that your business operations run smoothly. We employ advanced technical methods and strategies to identify potential risks or hazards, develop appropriate strategies and courses of action, and provide comprehensive reports on improvement areas. SCS will guide you through every step—from evaluation to maintenance—making sure your business is up-to-date with best practices so that you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Marine Concrete Repairs In Puerto Rico

SCS is a leader in Marine Concrete Repairs in Puerto Rico and recently worked on an exciting project in Puerto Rico. SCS engineers handled the engineering, inspection, and monitoring requirements to ensure reliable and successful repair of multiple concrete structures. Their expertise was invaluable in assessing and executing the necessary repairs amidst challenging conditions. SCS provided strategic insight into best practices along with a committed team that worked tirelessly to complete this complex project and ensure its success. SCS is one of the most professional companies available for marine repairs in Puerto Rico.

Pile Repairs

SCS provides the highest quality repairs for concrete piles and other structures in Puerto Rico. With years of experience, SCS has established itself as a trusted source for all pile repair needs. SCS takes pride in its safety practices, up-to-date technologies, and knowledgeable staff that provide the best service and results for clients throughout Puerto Rico. SCS’s commitment to consistent, high-quality repairs keeps clients returning and referring us to others. Whether it’s offshore projects, bridges, towers, or other complex reinforced concrete structures, SCS is the number one choice when choosing a specialized facility to handle pile repair services in Puerto Rico.

Concrete Seawall Repairs

SCS is at the forefront of concrete seawall repair projects. We are proud to have recently provided services for critical infrastructure protection in Puerto Rico following damage from Hurricane Maria. SCS has extensive experience helping clients make strategic structural repairs, eliminating the potential for further damage, reducing downtime, and cutting costs. We understand how important it is to perform adequate repairs as quickly as possible to restore structural strength and protect your assets. SCS emphasizes safety and works hard to ensure that our repairs always meet or exceed industry standards.

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