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fireproofing concrete

Solutions for Fireproofing

Concrete and steel structures require fireproofing, and Structural Concrete Systems has the right applications to preserve and protect your structures.  SCS has the experience, tools, and quality products to ensure proper performance, safety, and reliability.

Fireproofing Solutions from an Industry-Leader

Structural Concrete Systems is an industry leader in concrete restoration, including fireproofing structures. SCS has a reputation for safety, experience, highly-trained crews, industry standards, and using best practices to provide fireproofing services that meet economic, quality, and durability standards.  Our team of craftsmen has extensive experience applying a wide range of fireproofing materials and systems.  SCS can evaluated your project and determine the best solution for your fireproofing needs.

Safe and Successful Projects

Structural Concrete Systems evaluates every fireproofing project to ensure the safety and quality of each project. We work closely with owners and engineers to ensure that projects fulfill their objectives within their on-going operations and are completed safely, on time, on-budget, and on-schedule.

fireproofing concrete
fireproofing concrete
fireproofing concrete
fireproofing concrete

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available Structural Concrete Systems is committed to communication and personal service. The key to successful projects is a positive flow of communication. Structural Concrete Systems will  answer your questions with prompt, professional, informative answers to your questions both on and off the job site. Our employees are knowledgeable, resourceful and prepared to assist you with telephone and email and questions that are always answered and never ignored.  We appreciate you choosing Structural Concrete Systems and look forward to assisting you with your projects.