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Marine Repairs

Structural Concrete Systems is an expert in the repair of marine structures. SCS has performed comprehensive marine restoration projects and investigations for airports, universities, port authorities, and TxDot. We have worked from barges, platforms, boats, and underwater. SCS has trained divers on its team for underwater repairs, and the underwater chisels, drills, and saws to perform them.

Pile Repairs

SCS uses the latest in advanced technology to restore supporting piles in marine use. We also maintain a large inventory of the specialized tools and equipment necessary to perform the repairs both above and below the mud line.

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Concrete Repairs

SCS has performed numerous underwater repairs on wharves and seawalls. Concrete deteriorates upon impacts with ships and from the chlorides in the sea water and loses structural integrity when the steel reinforcement degrades. SCS has cost-effective solutions to restore the concrete and extend its lifespan.

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Using Technology and Innovation

At Structural Concrete Systems, our goal is to utilize the best solutions for your project. We analyze each project to determine the obstacles in completing the project. SCS uses its experience and the latest technology to formulate a plan for your project to complete it cost-effectively, safely, and with the highest quality. We use tried and true best practices to execute a quality performance you can rely on.

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