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Concrete Repair and Restoration

There are many types of concrete repairs used to restore deficiencies in infrastructure.  Accurate analysis and the development of efficient means and methods require the unique skills and experience offered by Structural Concrete Systems.  We have the training, experience, and safety procedures in place to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Leading the Industry

Our reputation for bringing in the toughest projects on-time and successfully has made us a leader in our industry.  At Structural Concrete Systems, we have a team that is highly-trained in the specifications and standards for structural repairs.  Training, experience, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art tools ensure that SCS will successfully complete your project.  We don’t sub-out work critical to the safety, integrity, and stability of your structure.

Structural Concrete Systems has the skilled professionals and an experienced crew to complete the following types of example repairs:

  • Epoxy injection, crack and spall repairs, resurfacing, and overlays
  • Post-tensioned repairs, precast repairs, facade repairs, and foundation repairs
  • Shotcrete, CMU repairs, sandblasting, demolition
  • Coatings, linings, sawing, coring, and grouting
  • Balcony repairs and replacements
  • CFRP, E-glass, and cathodic protection
  • Structural steel repair and steel plates

Safe and Successful Projects

Structural Concrete Systems can push through any obstacle by working closely with the engineer and owner. We analyze the scope, logistics, and risks of each project and develop a precise system of construction means and methods for optimum performance and safety. Our team’s  personal commitment to each project raises the level of quality control and enhances our ability to complete repairs quickly, safely, and successfully.

The Best Solutions For Your Project

The SCS team has taken on some of the biggest projects in Texas and beyond. We use our specialized experience to provide quality services to identify and property execute the best solutions for your project.

Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
Repair existing concrete structures
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24 Hour Emergency Service Available Structural Concrete Systems is committed to communication and personal service. The key to successful projects is a positive flow of communication. Structural Concrete Systems will  answer your questions with prompt, professional, informative answers to your questions both on and off the job site. Our employees are knowledgeable, resourceful and prepared to assist you with telephone and email and questions that are always answered and never ignored.  We appreciate you choosing Structural Concrete Systems and look forward to assisting you with your projects.




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