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Facade and Building Envelope Repair Solutions

At Structural Concrete Systems, we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate building envelope and facade damages and deficiencies, repair building envelopes and facades, protect building assets, and maintain buildings over time.  SCS works closely with building owners and managers to repair damaged building envelopes and facades, and plans projects to accommodate the needs and safety of on-going operations.

Structural Repair Contracting Expertise

Structural Concrete Systems has earned a ‘concrete’ reputation as a top structural repair contractor through many years of successful projects that have stood the test of time.  SCS has experience with multiple types of building envelopes and facades from concrete to stucco to brick and historic stone. Damaged building envelopes and facades have underlying causes, which make it necessary to implement the right solution to insure long-lasting results. Successful repairs for building envelopes and facades are a result of proper evaluation, execution, and teamwork between the engineer, owner, manager, and contractor.

Our specialty contracting building envelope repair services include:

  • Facade inspection, analysis, and reporting
  • Facade restoration and strengthening
  • Stone, brick, and stucco repair and replacement
  • Water intrusion and leak analysis, waterproofing, and repairs
  • Seismic and blast mitigation
  • Balcony and railing repairs, replacements, and refurbishments
  • Window and sliding door repairs and replacements
  • Pre-cast panel repairs, sealants, and coatings
  • Spall repairs and corrosion protection

Safety and Planning

Structural Concrete Systems is experienced in the specifications and standards for structural repair, as well as applicable safety standards and OSHA guidelines.  SCS has safety manuals, guidelines, and accident prevention plans in place.  We review each job site for site specific safety plans.  Our goal at SCS is to optimize efficiency to insure minimal disruption to current occupants while performing a cost-effective project to fulfill the owner’s needs.  Safety is always our first concern, and we have multiple options available to owners and managers to protect the public and facilitate access at all times during construction.

Follow-Through for Success

Structural Concrete Systems provides evaluation, planning, and cost-effective solutions to insure successful outcomes. Our team works closely with architects, structural engineers, managers, and owners to develop construction means and methods to properly implement repair solutions.  SCS achieves success by following-through with expectations.

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