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Structural Repair Services

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Commercial Structural Repairs

Structural Concrete Systems repairs multiple types of commercial and industrial infrastructure from high rises to underwater to below grade and confined spaces.  We work with federal agencies and military authorities on improvements, restorations, and blast mitigation.   We work with manufacturers and the petrochemical industry to manage repairs to keep them up and running.  We offer a wide variety of advanced solutions for strengthening and repairs for buildings, bridges, wharves, refineries, cooling towers, healthcare facilities, hotels, parking structures, recreational facilities, stadiums, universities, and all types of multi-story structures.

We protect, repair, and restore historic structures.  We provide inspections and maintenance.  We work with owners and managers to repair multi-story housing and offices.  We develop means and methods to manage on-going operations and ensure safe access during construction.  Safety is always our first priority.

We take on projects both large and small, utilizing advanced technology for cost-effective solutions.  We are able to evaluate and repair all types of public infrastructure and private facilities.  We work closely with engineers to implement the best solutions for your project.

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Expertise In Structural Repairs

SCS has extensive experience in the structural repair industry, including CFRP, spall repairs, CMU repairs, core drilling, epoxy injection, shotcrete, concrete overlays, cathodic protection, resurfacing, sealing, crack repair, corrosion control, demolitions, and all types of repairs and maintenance essential to the integrity of your structure.  SCS also has expertise in consulting services and provides mock-ups and testing, as well as forensic investigations, project cost consulting, and legal consulting.  SCS has been awarded for excellence in its projects, and our expertise in structural repair is evident in our track record of a high level of performance.

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available Structural Concrete Systems is committed to communication and personal service. The key to successful projects is a positive flow of communication. Structural Concrete Systems will  answer your questions with prompt, professional, informative answers to your questions both on and off the job site. Our employees are knowledgeable, resourceful and prepared to assist you with telephone and email and questions that are always answered and never ignored.  We appreciate you choosing Structural Concrete Systems and look forward to assisting you with your projects.




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