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Corrosion Control and Protection Cement

Corrosion Control & Prevention

Structural Concrete Systems has extensive experience with causes and solutions for corrosion control, using modern technology, and the best tools for the job.  SCS can assist with analysis and engineering to provide cost-effective solutions implemented with the expertise of an experienced contractor.

Solutions from an Industry-Leader

Prevention is the best solution for corrosion. SCS can protect your structures by analyzing causes and implementing solutions to prevent and control corrosion.  Solutions include:

  • Surface applied corrosion inhibitors
  • Galvanic protection
  • Impressed current cathodic protection
  • Sacrificial, galvanic, and zinc anodes
  • Reinforcement protection, protective coatings

Safe and Successful Projects

At Structural Concrete Systems, our team evaluates each project to implement cost-effective means and methods to ensure efficiency and the highest level of safety for a successful project.  We will bring your project in on time and on budget with the top quality results you expect from the experienced structural repair professionals at SCS.

Using Technology To Achieve The Best Solutions

At Structural Concrete Systems, we utilize the best professionals, equipment, and materials for the proper analysis and solutions for the needs of your structure.  We use the latest technologies and the tried and true best practices to execute a quality performance you can rely on.

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available Structural Concrete Systems is committed to communication and personal service. The key to successful projects is a positive flow of communication. Structural Concrete Systems will  answer your questions with prompt, professional, informative answers to your questions both on and off the job site. Our employees are knowledgeable, resourceful and prepared to assist you with telephone and email and questions that are always answered and never ignored.  We appreciate you choosing Structural Concrete Systems and look forward to assisting you with your projects.




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