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5801 Hillcrest Condominiums Waterproofing & Structural Repairs

Project Description

This is a three-story condominium complex with two wings and a below-grade parking garage built in 2006. Evidence of water intrusion led residents to acquire large-scale testing over all of the complex. Testing revealed the causes of the water intrusion to be construction defects, poor drainage, lack of or improper waterproofing, etc. that resulted in structural damage.

Comprehensive Repairs

SCS completed a comprehensive structural repair and drainage improvement project for this condominium complex with widespread below grade water intrusion problems. The site was excavated, cleaned, and prepped. A completely new drainage system was installed, and a new waterproofing system was installed. The water intrusion was resolved and new sump pumps installed. Structural repairs were performed, CMU walls repaired and rebuilt, and architectural and landscape improvements were completed in the overall rehabilitation project as well.

Water Intrusion Remediation

Numerous measures were taken to control water intrusion. A substantial excavation was performed to expose the areas in need of repairs. New drainage and waterproofing systems were installed.

Structural Repairs

Retaining walls had to be demolished and reconstructed, carbon fiber was applied to strengthen the basement parking garage walls, and perimeter repairs to tie into new drainage and waterproofing to provide proper surface drainage. Work included patio repairs, deck repairs, and balcony repairs.

“SCS completed the project as promised and on schedule.  We appreciate SCS’s attention to detail and coordination with our residents.”

–Robert Lovein
Lovein Ribman PC