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San Juan Piers – US Coast Guard

Project Description

Hurricane Maria is considered the worst natural disaster on record to affect Puerto Rico and is also the deadliest Atlantic Hurricane since 2004. In the aftermath, the US Coast Guard required assistance in the assessment of their piers in San Juan. Structural Concrete Systems, LLC provided the manpower and equipment necessary to get the job done.

Assessment and Load Test

Wiss, Janney, Elstner, and Associates engineered the assessment of the USCG piers and called for a load test. SCS utilized its team and tools along with the procurement of local assets and heavy equipment to investigate the integrity of the piers. Dump trucks and scales were used to perform the load test.

Performance in a Disaster Area

Proper planning and coordination were essential to complete this important project for the US Coast Guard in a devastated region still suffering from the impact of a natural disaster. SCS generated local coordination and contacts with a plan of action to ensure the success of the project.