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Chimney Repair & Maintenance

Lengthy maintenance projects are costly. Maintenance and repairs performed in a timely fashion by the skilled professionals at Structural Concrete Systems ensure facilities will continue to operate cleanly and safely.

Inspection and Repair Strategies

Safety and efficiency are priorities. Even minor damage can compromise structural integrity and put personnel and facilities at risk. Chimney structures are inspected and analyzed by our engineers and skilled professionals to develop maintenance and repair strategies that ensure safe and efficient operation

Upgrades and Alterations

With changing technology, safety and operational demands, many older chimneys require upgrades and alterations to conform to the latest standards. Structural Concrete Systems can engineer solutions that help achieve our customers upgrade and alteration needs using the latest techniques and solutions while placing a priority on safety and efficiency.

Demolition Services

If your chimney is at the end of its service life, Structural Concrete Systems can provide demolition services by experienced and expert workers to safely and quickly remove your chimney without compromising the safe operations of your facilities.

We Can Help

Our services range from normal maintenance to emergency repairs. Structural Concrete Systems can assist to keep your facility current with emission standards, changes in operation needs, and structural integrity. Count on Structural Concrete for efficiency, safety and quality.

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Structural Concrete Systems is committed to communication and personal service. The key to successful projects is a positive flow of communication. Structural Concrete Systems will  answer your questions with prompt, professional, informative answers to your questions both on and off the job site. Our employees are knowledgeable, resourceful and prepared to assist you with telephone and email and questions that are always answered and never ignored.  We appreciate you choosing Structural Concrete Systems and look forward to assisting you with your projects.

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